United We Stand STL Labor Day

United We Stand pushing for change at the ballot box.United We Stand St. Louis (UWS) is a coalition representing a broad array of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating “an electoral movement at the ballot box that is capable of long-term social and political power.”

On Labor Day September 4, 2017, UWS is organizing a mass action, march and rally scheduled before the official labor day parade in downtown St. Louis.

Later in the week on September 9, 2017, UWS will conduct an all-day conference with individual seminars held at Harris Stowe University. The theme is “From Resistance to Opposition to Political Power”.

Events on Labor Day, September 4th:
Mass Action: 6:00 am,
McDonald’s Restaurant on Tucker Blvd., downtown St. Louis
March: 7:00 am
Rally: 8:00 am,
19th Street & Olive Blvd., downtown St. Louis

More information can be found at the UnitedWeStandstl.org web site.

Greater St. Louis NORML
(GSTL NORML) is not a paying sponsor. We have attended a UWS steering committee meeting as a guest and GSTL NORML supports many of the UWS goals.

One of our common goals we share is support for changing Missouri laws at the ballot box offering Missouri citizens a choice in medical treatment options. GSTL NORML is working alongside New Approach Missouri to allow patients access to medical cannabis without legal consequences.

Many of the organizations supporting UWS are also aligned with GSTL NORML’s goal to allow Missouri citizens the right to choice concerning personal medical decisions unencumbered by local, state and federal laws, or other bureaucratic restrictions.

United We Stand is offering the opportunity for interested organizations and individuals to conduct an educational workshop seminar or panel discussion. There is a limited time frame for GSTL NORML to submit a presentation proposal for the seminar. Anyone interested in giving a presentation about the benefits of legalizing medical cannabis in Missouri or related topics should contact the board for more information.