Missouri NORML Chapters Launch “NORML’s Project 4-22”

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Media Contact: Blake Bell, 314-637-7982,
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Info@GreaterStlNORML.org – Goes live 11/11/16

NORML chapters across Missouri launch “NORML’s Project 4-22,” a program for veterans designed to provide important knowledge about medicinal cannabis.

St. Louis, Missouri – This Veterans Day NORML Chapters across Missouri will honor our veterans by launching ‘’Project 22’’ to educate Missouri veterans about the health benefits of cannabis during a 5 day to visit the ‘1st Annual Institute of Cannabis Research Conference’ in Colorado from April 28th to April 30th 2017. The event’s keynote speaker is pioneering researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who first identified the THC molecule and endocannabinoid system. The objective is to educate Missouri’s veterans on the medical benefits of cannabis through hand-on education and engagement with other veterans, patients, doctors, and researchers.

The campaign is called ‘‘NORML’s Project 4-22’’, to highlight the 22 reported U.S. military veterans that complete suicide every single day. The actual number by all accounts is much higher, but instances such as overdoses are not included in those statistics. “Many veterans have told us that they find relief through cannabis, and have become healthy, happy, functioning, and productive members of society because of it. Our goal is to educate all veterans that there are safe, non-toxic options for them,” said Blake Bell, executive director of Greater St. Louis NORML.

The project’s goal is to educate 22 veteran leaders by taking them on an all-expenses-paid, educational expedition to Colorado. There, they will get to see firsthand the impressive realities of legal medical cannabis in action. They will learn what types of patients are using cannabis as medicine, and get to hear the experiences medical refugees have had, and how it has helped them. They will learn about the endocannabinoid system, and its functions and role in healing the human body. They will tour legal grow operations and dispensaries to witness how specific strains and products are picked to treat various health concerns. They will speak with health care professionals and discover what astounding health benefits doctors who recommend cannabis have personally witnessed in their patients. Finally, they will also discover why veterans who needed safe access to cannabis have moved to Colorado to treat their conditions, and how that has impacted their lives and their families in positive or negative ways.

This educational experience will give the veterans of Missouri an opportunity to look beyond the taboo, break free from the stigma, and gain firsthand knowledge of the very promising realities of what cannabis can do for them, their community, state, and nation, as a whole. Our fundraising drive will kick off on November 11th, 2016 in honor of Veterans Day. Donations can be made via our website and Facebook page. Sponsorships are available, but limited. If you would like to endorse Project 22, contact us to be added to our endorsement page. This expedition will be recorded and shared. Are you a vet who wants to join us, or do you know a vet who is suffering and might benefit from this initiative? Contact us.

www.GreaterStLNORML.org and www.NORML’s Project4-22.org go live on 11/11/16 www.facebook.com/gstlnorml is live now