Missouri NORML Chapters Launch NORML’s Project 4-22 for Vets

On Veterans Day 2016 the Greater Saint Louis NORML, Springfield NORML, Kansas City NORML, Missouri University NORML and Mid-MO NORML chapters launched ‘’NORML’s Project 4-22’’ to educate veterans and citizens of Missouri and beyond on what medical cannabis is, and isn’t.

The campaign is called ‘‘NORML’s Project 4-22’’, for the 22 reported veterans that commit suicide every single day. The actual number by all accounts is much higher, but things such as overdoses aren’t included in these numbers.

“We have talked to many veterans with combat related mental and physical injuries from every branch who have found relief through cannabis. They have found relief to become normal, fully functioning, productive, members of society. Our goal is to educate veterans that there are options for them,” said Blake Bell, Executive Director of St. Charles NORML.

The goal is to educate 22 leaders from different military branches by taking them on a trip to Colorado to experience firsthand: what types of patients are using marijuana as medicine, the type’s of experience’s medical refugees have and how this medicine has helped them, how a legal grow operation and dispensary operate, and what results doctors have witnessed when their medical cannabis recommendations are used by their patients.

Veterans will attend educational classes to learn about the endocannabinoid system and how it regulates the body’s immunization response and modulates other vital body processes.

Missouri veterans will have an honest and unbiased opportunity to learn what cannabis can do for patients in communities throughout Missouri and beyond. Their stories will help break the stigma and remove the taboo about cannabis.

NORML’s Project 4-22’s fundraising drive will kick off on November 11, 2016. Donations can be made via www.NORMLProject4-22.org and Facebook page.